New Website!!

MannyIf you have made it here to my blog (can’t believe that I am doing a blog!) you know that the new website is up and running smoothly. I’m getting ready to send out an email blast to let everyone know. Please tell all your friends to take a look and see what I am up to.

I have been busy working in my studio on a piece called “Loving Lucy”. It is going to be part of my Iconic Series and if you haven’t already guessed it is the life of Lucille Ball. Reactions to it so far have been great.

I just had “The Beatles” accepted into an exhibit at VIVA Gallery called “My Way” and it incorporates the four groups of artists that keep VIVA running. The juror had quite a job choosing from 184 entries down to the 97 wonderful pieces of art on display. “The Beatles” giclee is also hanging in my office, at home and looking great in the window of the Raw Style Gallery on Montana in Santa Monica.

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