Loving Lucy

Loving Lucy. Original 24 x 24; 28 x 28 Giclee Available“Loving Lucy” is ready to be unveiled. A Giclee is in production. Raw Style Gallery has been contacted. I now have to find other galleries that show Pop Art and make contact for representation. So much to do and so little time. I know there are lot’s of Lucy lover’s out there. Now, they must be found and the search is on…

The sides on this piece are really a surprise. My new production studio cannot scan the sides that I have on my original piece and therefore I had to create different sides. They will be 3″ wide. It is a very interesting process. Scanning vs. photography. Marie, the Photoshop expert is amazing! I think she made the giclee look better than the original. If you would like to see how the piece looks with the new sides please let me know and I will email it to you.

I have completed another piece that has been sitting in my studio for about 6 months. I just didn’t feel it. A couple of Sunday’s ago I felt compelled to solve it and I did. I will take another look and decide whether it is to be sealed or not. It is a complex piece with many layers. I have called this piece “Why” and you will see “why”.

I have entered three exhibits coming up over the next several months. The notices will start coming in the end of August. If the Juror likes my work I will be selected. If the Juror doesn’t like my work, well it does happen, then I will have paid an exhibit fee to help support that organization. So think positive thoughts for me!

I have cleaned up my studio and cleared my workspace, put all of my supplies back on the shelves and I am ready to start something new. I have been commissioned to do a piece about the courage of young individuals forced to cope with cancer in their lives. More to come on this…

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